Buy My House – Acquisition Criteria

EZ House Cash is a real estate investment company that buys, remodels, and sells homes. We buy houses for cash and, once our offer is accepted, we can close quickly as we do not have to wait for a bank to come through with financing.

Have a property or house that you need to sell?  We’re currently buying Philadelphia houses and in surrounding areas in Pa.  The types of properties we’re looking for are varied… we buy Philadelphia houses, small apartments, vacant homes, rental properties, bare land, and the right commercial properties.

Why Sell Your House To Us?

We get this question all of the time from home owners who need to sell. There are many benefits in working with us over trying to sell your house the traditional way.  When we buy your house…

  • There are NO fees or commissions
  • We can close quickly (in as little as 7 days if you need to)
  • We’re buying it AS-IS… so you don’t need to repair anything
  • We close at a reputable 3rd party Title Company (you can choose your own if you want)

For Our Residential House Acquisitions our ideal property we’re looking for is… 

  • 2+ bedrooms (ideally 3 bedrooms – 5 bedrooms)
  • 1.5+ baths (ideally 2+ baths)
  • Houses that need some work (we’re experts in taking ugly houses and making them pretty, but also can take houses that just need some cosmetic touch ups if we’re able to acquire them at the right price)

Really, we’re experts in taking houses that people don’t want and making them houses people DO want.

Sell Your Property: If you have a residential house that you’re needing to sell, fill out the Acquisition form below

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Commercial Acquisitions:

If you have a commercial property you’re looking to sell in Pa, in particular the Philadelphia area, email us directly through our contact page or call us at 1-844-44-EZCASH.

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